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"First and foremost, HOLY COW! I never thought I'd find anything quite as comfy and luscious as these EveryMan Nakeds. Before this, 8/10 times I'd just go commando --- unless absolutely necessary --- my "Bro" (don't know why guys say "junk" cause I for one, treasure mine and other guys as well LOL) no longer feels like a mime being suffocated by a cellophane refuse bag. I'm actually glad it's not quite "naked" --- dare I say in some respects better? :) "



"FOLKS! These are the most comfortable underwear I've ever owned. I love them. I got my first pair just about three weeks ago and have bought three more since. Beautiful. Amazing. Awesome. I love the way I feel when I'm wearing them. Thank you for making KICK-ASS underwear!"

JEB (James)


"WOW! I love these. All my stuff hangs nicely, I think they look great on and I feel like a stallion wearing them, and they have re-motivated me to lose those extra pounds so they look even better. I am an "average joe" when it comes to my package, but these make me feel more than adequate. And it really does feel like I am going commando but with support."



"I live in the hot desert of Arizona. I bought a pair of these thinking the idea behind them was solid and I was right. The design allows more air circulation in the undercarriage. The feel when wearing them is different then with conventional boxer briefs because things are not snugly pressed up against your body. They are not the underwear to use if playing intense sports but all other times they are perfect. The only down side is the price. I would buy 20 pairs of these things if the price was more comparable to other brands and types of underwear."



"That is so plain to see, I wish there was a word that meant something is very apparent. Anyway, what I so clearly like most about the Obviously underwear is the incredible comfort of fit. We all have the one perfect chair we go for when we want to relax, I mean really relax. Or that denim jacket you've had too long and wear too much, but won't give it up because you just feel right in it. For me there is my school days shortstop baseball glove. Once I found that glove and felt that perfect fit (in eight grade), I knew I was going to the majors. OK, so I did not become the next Cal Ripkin, but I still cannot play baseball without that glove. Obviously underwear gives you that fit that is so comfortable, so right, that you just know you will be able to leap higher, run faster, or push more pencils than other regular guys."



"I can honestly say you have indeed won me over - Obviously is now my favorite brand of underwear. I most likely won't wear any other type ever again! An awesome brand, I simply love the fit and feel of the pieces you sent."

Nico Stoerner - Writer Fenuxe Magazine

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