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Just how long does it take to create the perfect fit?

19,127 hours.

That's how long our design team spends crafting quality men's apparel you won't want to take off.

Our approach to men's apparel design may be revolutionary, but it has never been random. Since the beginning, all our garments undergo intense research, testing and fitting to meet your high expectations as well as ours.

We believe in constant innovation and are always looking for new ways to enhance our winning design. We only use the best natural fabrics to craft breathable underwear.

Our signature anatomical pouch is no accident either. It went through 5 redesigns to ensure you are getting quality men's apparel, engineered for the perfect fit.

What you can expect from our designs:

Waistband: Embroidered, soft-lined with High-Density Weave to ensure durability and comfort.

Thread: Five different seams on every garment, specially selected for comfort and style.

Care: Screen printed care labels with zero irritation and non-toxic ink.

Obviously Apparel will always be intelligently designed to maximise comfort for the perfect fit - no matter your lifestyle.


All our garments are made from innovative fabrics specifically designed to enhance our products.

We understand the importance of breathability when it comes to creating high-quality men's underwear.

Which is why we chose our first fabric, Lenzing MicroModal. It gives our garments a silky feel that will keep you feeling cool in summer and warm in winter.

The second is Bamboo Rayon. We only use a 250 bamboo thread count which makes it softer than cotton and one of the most comfortable materials to wear all day long.

After undergoing our rigorous engineering and design process, you can be confident that our fabrics give a flawless performance while keeping odours at bay and you feeling cool and fresh.


Ethical Manufacturing

We believe in making the world a better place through intelligent design, which is why we guarantee all our products are ethically manufactured.

Our factories are ISO certified with a high-quality management system to ensure our garments are made responsibly in a safe, comfortable and equitable working environment.

Health Benefits

Ever heard the saying: "You are what you eat"?

Well, the same can be said for what you wear. Synthetic and regular cotton fabrics are not always good for your health, especially delicate underwear garments.

That's why we believe in not only sourcing fabrics that will feel comfortable throughout the day, but we choose materials that will positively influence your health.

Our advanced Lenzing MicroModal and Bamboo Rayon fabrics are UV resistant, non-Genetically Modified (GM) and help to:

  • Reduce heat build-up and swelling which has been linked to sperm damage and fertility issues.
  • Absorb moisture 50% better than cotton, ensuring a sweat-free underwear experience.
  • Reduce infections and odours by being naturally antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly

We believe in creating products that are not only perfect for you but leave a minimal impact on our environment.

Lenzing MicroModal

  • Beech-wood forests multiply by “rejuvenation”, which means that trees propagate on their own.
  • No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Making beech-wood forests an entirely natural and sustainable source of raw material.
  • The low fibre rigidity and cross-section of Lenzing MicroModal make the fibre an unparalleled supplier of softness in a completely natural way.
  • Up to 95% of the Lenzing MicroModal production materials are recovered as a result of innovative environmental processes.

Bamboo Rayon

  • Bamboo forests return 35% more oxygen than tree forests and can be grown on marginal land without harming other natural habitats.
  • Bamboo sequesters 65t of Carbon Dioxide per hectare per year.
  • We use Moso Bamboo for fabric production which is not the same that Panda's eat and doesn't affect their habitat.
  • Bamboo is an extremely fast growing crop with a high yield.

Both Lenzing MicroModal and Bamboo Rayon share the following environmental benefits:

  • Both are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers.
  • Do not use Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide or Formaldehyde in their production process which can lead to hormone disruption.
  • Both can be grown in drought conditions and use less water than cotton.
  • Bamboo and Beech trees are used to rehabilitate natural waterways, unlike cotton which destroys them.

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