About Us

Obviously Apparel is an Australian designed and world renowned premium men’s underwear and undershirts brand. Our online store offers the ultimate in comfortable underwear and undershirts coupled with sophisticated design.

Obviously Apparel can be found in stores across Australia, the US, Canada, Russia, UK, Japan, France, India, and we are constantly expanding our global network of partners. Obviously Apparel puts an emphasis on what we believe is the most important aspect of clothing - comfort.

Our meticulously engineered anatomical pouch design is what places our brand at the forefront of the underwear market. In order to provide you with the ultimate in superior quality of underwear we have chosen to use nothing but the finest natural fabrics - Bamboo Rayon and Licensed Lenzing Modal. These fabrics allow us to create underwear that is perfect to convey the feeling of softness, durability and support. Our fabrics have significant health benefits over regular cotton and synthetic underwear fabrics, they are highly UV resistant, non Genetically Modified (GM), sustainable and environmentally friendly. READ MORE.

Currently we offer 3 ongoing collections of Underwear – EveryMan Range Core Collection, Premium Range Essence Collection and Originals Range Basics Collection, and one collection of Undershirts - Premium Range Essence Collection. With the addition of seasonal fashion collections we believe that we offer underwear that caters to every man’s taste

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